Control principle and use standard of electronic universal testing machine
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The electronic universal testing machine is powered by a motor. Through the FineTest II controller, the fixture is controlled to drive the sample to perform tensile, compression, bending, peeling, tearing and other tests. The test force, displacement, deformation, etc. are displayed on the computer screen or The LCD screen displays the material's tensile strength, compressive strength, peel strength, yield strength, elongation, etc., and can print out various reports.

The motor is divided into stepper motor, DC servo motor and AC servo motor. The relatively simple tensile tester can also use three-phase asynchronous motor. At present, the more used motors are: stepper motor and AC servo motor, its characteristics It is easy to control, low noise, large output torque, and even output constant torque.

When a pulse or signal is sent to the motor, the motor will rotate and change with the number of pulses, frequency, etc., and the feedback of the other components will be used to control the signal. The speed can be fast or slow.

In our lives, we should pay attention to the standard of use of electronic universal testing machine. Let's look at the standard of use of universal testing machine:

1. The mainframe of this kind of equipment adopts the floor-standing frame structure, which has the characteristics of high strength and small deformation, and the shape is quite beautiful and generous.

2. Our company's electronic universal testing machine adopts Taiwan's ABBA high-precision ball screw, so it has perfect stability.

3. The load sensor of the electronic universal testing machine is selected from the United States, which has the advantage of high measurement accuracy and minimizes the error.

4. The transmission part of the equipment adopts the arc tooth synchronous transmission mode, and the gapless two-way mode can be carried out during the transmission process.

6. The fixture of the electronic universal testing machine has been specially designed, very firm and easy to operate.

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