Analysis of the causes of oil source heat in hydraulic universal testing machine
 Time: 2018-08-27   Views:

The analysis of the causes of the oil source heat of the hydraulic universal testing machine has the following three factors:

After the hydraulic universal testing machine is used for a long time, the hydraulic system is easy to cause oil to heat. Based on years of experience, our company has proved that the biggest reason for this situation is that the mechanical loss is large. The specific reasons are as follows:

First, the machining accuracy and assembly quality of hydraulic components are poor. Solution: Ensure the processing quality of the hydraulic components of the universal testing machine. Unqualified components cannot be loaded into the system. The installation accuracy of the relative moving parts must meet the specified technical requirements.

Second, the relative moving parts are poorly lubricated. Solution: Improve the lubrication condition of the relative moving parts, adhere to the regular inspection of the universal testing machine, and find that the lubrication conditions are poor and immediately eliminated.

Third, the installation accuracy is poor. For example, the hydraulic cylinder of the universal testing machine is not parallel to the guide rail. Solution: When installing the hydraulic cylinder, measure it with the guide rail as the reference to ensure the parallelism of the cylinder axis and the guide rail.