MRS-10H Lever Four-ball Friction Tester
Product Features
1. This machine is mainly composed of mainframe, data digital processing system, color printer, wear spot image microscope, automatic weight lifter and other accessories. It is completely replaceable with imported four-ball friction testing machine.

2. equipment function: mainly used in the petroleum industry and other research fields, especially the lubricant industry. Through the friction and wear performance test of oil, grease and lubricant, the anti-friction, load-bearing capacity and extreme pressure of the oil are judged, which provides technical support for the final oil performance evaluation.


1 drive mode: direct drive, eliminating the influence of the excess drive link on the main speed;
2 loading method: lever-weight, with weight lifting device, convenient and accurate;
3 test load: light load and heavy load, can be selected according to different leverage ratios of 1:10-1:20;
4 loading range [kgf]: maximum 10000, free loading from 5-1000kg;
5 test force relative error: less than ± 1%;
6 Chuck pre-tightening force: custom standard spring collet to meet the standard requirements (light and heavy loads have no effect on them);
7 mechanical properties and accuracy: meet or exceed the requirements of JB/T9395-2004;
8 spindle radial runout [mm]: ≤ 0.01;
9 evaluation indicators: PB, PD, ZMZ. The graph is displayed in real time;
10 spindle operation control mode: manual control, time control, limited friction force, temperature limit, limited friction coefficient;
11 oil cup heating range [°C]: room temperature ~ 250;

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