RBT-500 Computer Control Ring Block Friction and Wear Testing Machine
Product Features
1. Test force loading range: first gear 1-10N, second gear 10-200N (100g-20kg);

2. Test force measurement and control accuracy: 0.1N;

3. Sample stage speed: 50-500r/min

4. Standard sample size for test: 12.32 × 12.32 × 19.05mm (test piece size can be customized design and processing);

5. Ring block size: φ49.22×12.7mm (material: tungsten high speed steel W18Cr4v);

6. Friction measurement range: 0-100N;

7. Friction coefficient measurement accuracy: 0.2% of full scale;

8. Wear scar depth measurement range: 0-2mm, accuracy 0.2μm;

9. Loading mode: servo automatic loading;

10. Test samples can be tested in dry or medium lubrication conditions that simulate a wide range of conditional liquids.

11. Temperature measurement: artificial simulation of body fluids can be temperature-controlled;

12. Temperature adjustment range: room temperature to 50 ° C;

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