Sucker rod centralizer material friction performance testing machine
Product Features
1 maximum test force 2000N,
2 test force working range 0-2000N stepless adjustable
3 test force relative error ≤ ± 1%
4 friction torque measurement range 0 ~ 15N.m
5 friction torque indication relative error ≤ ± 2%
6 sample shaft speed 360, 180r / min
7 sample shaft speed 400,200r/min
8 The maximum axial movement distance of the sample is ±4mm
9 time control range screen display control 1s-9999min
10 revolutions control range screen display control 1-999999
The 11-time friction torque curve is realized by computer to measure and display various parameters, and the time-friction torque curve can be displayed in real time. Record, print, and generate test results reports
12 external dimensions (length × width × height) host: 970 × 660 × 1100

13 test machine net weight of about 500kg

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