MMW-1 Computer controlled vertical universal Friction and wear testing machine
Product Features

1.       Test force

1.1 Axial test force working range


1.2 Error of indicationg value lower than 200N

Not bigger than±2N

   Error of indicationg value upper than 200N

Not bigger than±1%

1.3 Discriminability of test force

Not bigger than 1.5N

1.4 Relative error of long time auto hold indicating value

Not bigger than±1%FS

1.5 Return zero error of digital display device of test force indicating value

Not bigger than±0.2%FS

2.       Friction Moment

2.1 Measuring maximum friction moment


2.2 Relative error of friction moment indicating value


2.3 Friction force weighing transducer


2.4 Friction force arm distance


2.5 Discriminability of friction moment indicating value

Not bigger than

2.6 Return zero error of digital display device of friction

Not bigger than ±0.2%FS

3.       Range of spindle stepless speed variation

3.1 Stepless speed variation


3.2 Special deceleration system


3.3 For over 100r/min, error of spindle speed

Not bigger than ±5r/min

   For below 100r/min, error of spindle speed

Not bigger than ±1r/min

4.       Testing Media

Oil, water, muddy water, abrasive material

5.       Heatinig system

5.1 Heater working range

Room temperature~260

5.2 Disc type heater


5.3 Platinum thermo resistance

1 group each(long&short)

5.4 Temperature measuring control accuracy


6.       Conicity of spindel of testing machine


7.       Max. Distance between spindle and lower disc


8.       Spindel control mode

8.1 Manual control

8.2 Time control

8.3 Revolution control

8.4 Friction moment control

9.       Time display&control range


10.   Revolution display&control range


11.   Output maximum moment of main motor


12.   Overall dimension(L*W*H)


13.   Net weight

About 700kgs

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