MMU-5(10)G PC controlled high temperature surface friction and wear testing machine
Product Features

 MMU-5(10)G screen explicit end face high temperature friction and wear tester is used in the form of sliding friction to evaluate the performance of engineering plastics, powder metallurgy, alloy bearings, etc. under the specified test conditions, and can be used at room temperature ~ 1000 Under the conditions of °C, the test was carried out under various conditions such as oil-free lubrication and oil-immersed lubrication and changing parameters such as load, speed, time, friction mating material, surface roughness and hardness. It can be used to measure the temperature rise and friction coefficient of materials.

Our company exclusively introduces multi-functional tribological testing equipment with MMW-1 vertical universal friction and wear test function and MMU-5(10)G high-temperature end face friction and wear test function, which is now available, and the customer has a good reputation. According to the user's needs, some test functions can be customized.

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