XJJ-50 Chargy Impact Tester
Product Features

Technical specification

1> Pendulum energy: 7.5J 15J 25J 50J

2> Pendulum torque: 7.5J=3.866Nm,  15J=7.733Nm,  25J=12.889Nm,


3> Dial minimum scale value: 1/100

4> Impact speed: 3.8m/s.

5> Elevation angle of pendulum:160°

6> The distance between the center of pendulum axes and specimen: 380mm.

7> Jaw radius: 1mm

8> The impact of the blade angle: 30 °

9> Impact of the blade fillet radius ±: 2mm

10> Test span: 40 mm、60mm、70mm、95mm

11> Power supply:220V/60Hz

12> Weight:  Approx  100 kg

13> Dimension:  Approx  540*320*740mm

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